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Walking Tours

Walking Tours

Residents and visitors in Maine are invited to explore the “other sides” of 8 Maine villages during lantern lit walking tours of historic sites and ghostly haunts.

Bar Harbor is our newest tour, located on Mt. Desert Island near Acadia National Park. This picturesque village is home to many stately “cottages,” some of which have ghostly tales to tell. A stroll along the Shore Path will give you a wonderful view of Frenchman Bay, the Porcupine Islands and possibly one of the 2 ethereal women sometimes seen there. As you wind through back streets with The Lady in the Red Cloak, early history of the area will be told, including a stop at the Village Burying Ground.

Wiscasset is the “Prettiest Village in Maine” and you will see why as you tour High Street, briefly visit the Ancient Burial Ground and investigate the Sunken Garden. Hear of the “Witch of Windmill Hill”, “Mother Dana”, and Mrs. Smith, just a few of the spooky tales and legends told by The Lady in the Red Cloak. Learn the history of the oldest working courthouse in the state, view stately mansions and learn about the demise of the busiest port north of Boston at one time.

Bath is known as “The City of Ships” and as you tour the early residential area of town, you will see some of the captain’s homes and wonderful architecture. The Lady in the Red Cloak will tell you tales of “the lady in blue” and the “bleeding gravestone” as well as the history of the first settler and one of the major benefactors of early Bath. Seguin Island Light is not visible from the tour, but you will hear of it’s many hauntings. The Winter Street Church is full of spirits and judge for yourself why “The Spectre of Bath” was determined to appear to so many townsfolk.

Boothbay Harbor is a bustling harbor with its share of ghostly tales to tell. Many of the local B&B’s share their rooms with more than summer tourists, as you will hear from The Lady in the Red Cloak. Other buildings, such as the 1894 Opera House, are also reported to be haunted. Learn of the local fishermen of the area that aided the Pilgrims during their first harsh winters and what 20 good beaver skins might buy. Any harbor town would have been full of sailors, learn some of their superstitions, while you see where some of the early industries of Boothbay Harbor were located.

Hallowell, situated on the Kennebec River near the state’s capitol, Augusta, has many original buildings dating to the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. As with many historic buildings, you will find some spirits lurking in the corners; the little girl at the doctor’s home, the shadowy man on the lawn, a lady in period clothing peeking around the corner, the player piano and more. Known for its granite and the artisans who shaped it, you will learn of some of the other commerce of early Hallowell from The Lady in the Red Cloak.

Rockland, once known as “Shore Village”, will give you beautiful views of Penobscot Bay as you hear lighthouse lore, tales of “land pirates”, UFO’s and history from The Lady in the Red Cloak. She will also take you along Main Street to hear of strange happenings and apparitions in some of the restaurant basements, the speakeasy’s of prohibition days, and lead you down Elm Street to learn the background of the Farnsworth Art Museum. See where the makeshift hospital was from the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918, is it haunted by the poor souls who were cared for there?

Damariscotta is a quaint little town along the Damariscotta River. Hear of the Mystery Ship found at the mouth of the river, learn of the shipyards and brickyards that were part of the river economy and how the river gives Damariscotta its name. Led by The Lady in the Red Cloak you will learn of Ol’ Willie Metcalf, Myrtle, Grandpa, the Lady of the Evening, Mr. Trask and see some of their haunts, some quite historic. The old 1800’s tavern, sight of many seances, turned hospital, will leave you with goosebumps as you end your evening at the most haunted building in town.

Camden, where the mountains meet the sea, will charm you as The Lady in the Red Cloak winds you back and forth among the little known side streets, telling tales of an unsolved mystery, Fred and Charles-2 resident ghosts, concealment shoes, the ghost in the apple tree and more. Much of downtown Camden burned in the late 1800’s but you’ll see the oldest home in town dating to 1780, an old water wheel that was used to grind corn and wheat, and hear of other mills that dotted the Megunticook River, starting with the sawmill that the first settlers came to establish.

Cemetery Tours

Cemetery Tours

Each Cemetery Tour will focus on the stories of those interred at the cemeteries, their history and the symbolism of their tombstones. A general history of cemeteries, graveyards, and funereal practices will also be discussed.

Camden’s Mt. View Cemetery dates to the late 1700’s. You’ll be shown the earliest stone and learn the sad lover’s tale. The Lady in the Red Cloak will wind you through the shady cemetery showing you interesting headstones, explaining footstones and symbols and telling you the history of many people and families interred here. See the pink quartz headstone, said to have healing properties and also a modern, free-style stone. Many of the carvings are real works of art.

Wiscasset’s Ancient Burial Ground overlooks the Sheepscot River. Learn the sad story of the oldest visable grave and its association with the river. There are many “winged skull” symbols here, what do they mean and why did they change to “winged cherubs”? The Lady in the Red Cloak will tell you the answer to that and many other interesting symbols as you wind through the cemetery. There are graves here belonging to Revolutionary War veterans, including one of George Washington’s bodyguards. You will see his stone and learn his story as well as that of some Civil War veterans, also.

Newcastle’s Glidden Street Cemetery is tucked away on the bank of the Damariscotta River. Scattered throughout the tree filled grounds are many interesting graves and stones. The Lady in the Red Cloak will take you back to the times of colonial days, early shipping days, the gold rush and more as she tells of the hardy folks who settled here and their descendants who continued to make their way sometimes in harsh circumstances. Learn of the first casket maker in town and some early funereal practices.

In addition to the tours listed above, a trolley tour in conjunction with Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, will be held every Thursday afternoon in September and October. These tours will take you by the homes of some of the most famous inhabitants of early shipbuilding days in Bath and then take you to Oak Grove Cemetery to learn more of their lives in Bath, and about their burials. Please contact Maine Maritime Museum for tickets, 207-443-1316.

Sometimes We See Things

Sometimes We See Things

Sometimes we see things…

There are times when our guests take home more than a greater understanding of local history and mysteries. Sometimes they take home unexplainable images on their cameras.

We encourage guests of Red Cloak Haunted History Tours to bring their cameras and cell phones (on silent) to take photos of the areas we visit… They, too, may be surprised with what appears in the images!

Strange mists, bolts of light, and circular orbs have been seen to turn up in images when they couldn’t be seen by the naked eye — often with no logical explanation for their appearance.


Check our Gallery to see some of our guests’ photos, and if you’d like to read more about orbs, click here. If you have a particularly intriguing photo that you would like evaluated, please go to this link.

The People Behind the Mysteries

The People Behind the Mysteries

The people behind the mysteries…

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that even the eeriest hauntings have their human side… After all, isn’t every ghost the post mortem existence of what was once a living person?

Red Cloak Haunted History Tours takes pride in honoring memories of the actual people behind the hauntings. If historic information is available on the human side of the haunts we discuss, we’ll make sure to include it in the tour, so you’ll come away with a greater understanding of the “who” behind the haunts.

In the photo shown is Capt. Billy Sawyer, whose spirit is said to haunt Captain Sawyer’s Place B&B in Boothbay Harbor.

If you’d like to hear more about Captain Sawyer’s Place, or any of our other haunts and legends, make a reservation here or call 207-380-3806.

About Us

About Us 3

“I love history and I love mysteries, so haunted history was a natural match for me,” declares Sally Lobkowicz, Director of Red Cloak Haunted History Tours.

A researcher specializing in genealogy and history, Sally put these talents to work in the towns of midcoast Maine, beginning with Damariscotta in 2007.

She pored over the dusty pages of public and private collections, surfed the Internet searching for leads, and conducted personal interviews, creating the first Red Cloak Haunted History Tour just in time for the 2007 Halloween season.

Using her trademark red cloak with period dress from the 1800’s and combining well-researched facts with her unique story-telling style, Sally became known as The Lady in Red Cloak.

The popularity of the tours increased, and Sally spent the winter of 2007-2008 conducting research in Wiscasset, where she opened tours that fall.

As the demand for tours increased in 2009, Sally added new venues in Camden and Boothbay Harbor, and brought in Associate Ladies in the Red Cloak to increase the number of tours available to the public.

Bath was added to the list of venues in 2010,with Hallowell and Rockland being added in 2014. In 2015, Bar Harbor was included on our list of villages and we also began a partnership with Maine Maritime Museum, which includes Lighthouse Cruises and Cemetery Trolley Tours. Sally looks forward to working with her Associates for another season full of Haunted History.

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Maine Tourism Association, Penobscot Bay Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Bath, Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber of Commerce and Boothbay Region Information Center, Damariscotta Region Chamber of Commerce, Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce, Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce.