Cemetery Tours

Cemetery Tours

Each Cemetery Tour will focus on the stories of those interred at the cemeteries, their history and the symbolism of their tombstones. A general history of cemeteries, graveyards, and funereal practices will also be discussed.

Camden’s Mt. View Cemetery dates to the late 1700’s. You’ll be shown the earliest stone and learn the sad lover’s tale. The Lady in the Red Cloak will wind you through the shady cemetery showing you interesting headstones, explaining footstones and symbols and telling you the history of many people and families interred here. See the pink quartz headstone, said to have healing properties and also a modern, free-style stone. Many of the carvings are real works of art.

Wiscasset’s Ancient Burial Ground overlooks the Sheepscot River. Learn the sad story of the oldest visable grave and its association with the river. There are many “winged skull” symbols here, what do they mean and why did they change to “winged cherubs”? The Lady in the Red Cloak will tell you the answer to that and many other interesting symbols as you wind through the cemetery. There are graves here belonging to Revolutionary War veterans, including one of George Washington’s bodyguards. You will see his stone and learn his story as well as that of some Civil War veterans, also.

Newcastle’s Glidden Street Cemetery is tucked away on the bank of the Damariscotta River. Scattered throughout the tree filled grounds are many interesting graves and stones. The Lady in the Red Cloak will take you back to the times of colonial days, early shipping days, the gold rush and more as she tells of the hardy folks who settled here and their descendants who continued to make their way sometimes in harsh circumstances. Learn of the first casket maker in town and some early funereal practices.

In addition to the tours listed above, a trolley tour in conjunction with Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, will be held every Thursday afternoon in September and October. These tours will take you by the homes of some of the most famous inhabitants of early shipbuilding days in Bath and then take you to Oak Grove Cemetery to learn more of their lives in Bath, and about their burials. Please contact Maine Maritime Museum for tickets, 207-443-1316.