The People Behind the Mysteries

The People Behind the Mysteries

The people behind the mysteries…

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that even the eeriest hauntings have their human side… After all, isn’t every ghost the post mortem existence of what was once a living person?

Red Cloak Haunted History Tours takes pride in honoring memories of the actual people behind the hauntings. If historic information is available on the human side of the haunts we discuss, we’ll make sure to include it in the tour, so you’ll come away with a greater understanding of the “who” behind the haunts.

In the photo shown is Capt. Billy Sawyer, whose spirit is said to haunt Captain Sawyer’s Place B&B in Boothbay Harbor.

If you’d like to hear more about Captain Sawyer’s Place, or any of our other haunts and legends, make a reservation here or call 207-380-3806.